Sticky Mitts
Monday and Wednesday, 9.15am - 11.15am
(Wednesdays are run as an all age session for Sticky Mitts and Tiny Tots together)
Cost: £2.75 (to 18 months), £3.00 (18 months plus)
Sticky Mitts is the place for the 18 months and over. This is a drop in session run by Sharron offering a more challenging play environment for little explorers. It offers a creative environment, with emphasis on painting, gluing, model-making and music. We also have age-appropriate toys and song time. Healthy snacks and drinks are provided, as well as drinks and biscuits for the grown-ups. 


What happens and when:

9:15    Start of the Session. The room will be set out with a selection of age appropriate toys, ride-ons and activities for your child to enjoy. We have two craft tables available during this part of the Sticky Mitts session, one has a sticking activity and one a painting one. We also usually have a Playdough activity and some weeks have sand and water play. At the All Age Session there is one craft table usually with both paint/sticking available.
10:05    The craft activities are cleared away in readiness for Snack Time. 
10:15   Snack Time. We provide a choice of drinks and biscuits for the adults and either water or milk for the children. We also provide fruit (usually banana and apple), raisins and breadsticks for your child to have as a snack. 
10:30    The snack tables are cleared once everyone has finished and are replaced with puzzles/jigsaws and a drawing/colouring activity for the remainder of the session. 
10:55    Tidy up time. Everyone (including the children!) help to tidy the room up so there is room for us to do our singing.
11:00    Song Time. Everyone sits on the nursery chairs in a circle on the carpet and we have 15 minutes of singing our favourite songs. Some weeks we use the Song Bag as inspiration, other weeks the children are encouraged to remember their favourite songs. The emphasis is on fun rather than singing ability so don’t be frightened to join in! 
11:15    Home time – don’t forget to collect your pictures to take home.


Sticky Mitts
Sticky Mitts with bricks and paint
Great big apron, I'm no saint!
I splodge and splatter, splash and stick
Paint my face and throw a brick.
Mum says "No" - could hurt a boy
Helps me find another toy.
Feeling peckish, find a seat
Have a drink and snacky treat.
Songtime now, the bag for us
My turn to find - I find a bus.
The bus' children chatter, chatter
The bus' mothers matter, natter.
I hold the bus and dance in time
Can't give it up 'cos think it's mine.
Say "Goodbye", my art in bag
Sad to go, my feet just drag!

Hilary Langley, 2010

How to find us:

Methodist Church Hall, Main Street, Copmanthorpe, YO23 3SU

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